New and Replacement Roofs

As has been said previously, prevention is the key. However, sometimes there is nothing else for it but a new or replacement roof. This is an extensive job and calls for a professional firm. If you're searching for roof repairs near me, then give AGC a call today for a free quote and inspection. Check out for yourself why we are one of Sydney's leading roofing contractors. With 35 years experience we can help you to to keep your roofing replacement cost to a minimum, whilst doing the job properly the first time.

The roof is usually the single largest surface area of a house, so it deserves careful thought to ensure the material selected provides the best performance and visual effect for your home.

We offer many different types of roof replacements whether it be colorbond, metal roofs, slate, terracotta, lead or tiles but our most popular are:

Colorbond Steel

  • Colorbond steel combines the best of modern steel making technologies developed over decades.

  • Colorbond steel has undergone rigorous testing for over 40 years in some of our countries harshest climate conditions. So whether your roof, cladding, gutters, or downpipes are made from Colorbond steel, you can be sure it's great Aussie look will last.

  • The standard Colorbond range includes 20 beautiful colours inspired by nature. This gives you the scope to achieve the look you want to suit your house style and the surroundings.

  • Colorbond steel cools down fast when the sun sets, so less heat is radiated into your home. In winter the same roof, combined with insulation, helps keep the warmth in making your home or business more energy efficient helping to reduce your energy costs.


  • With a 50 year performance guarantee roof tiles are built to last, the Australian experience indicates that the performance of tiles will continue for periods in excess of this.

  • Roof tiles can help you enjoy more comfortable living in summer and winter. Thermal lag (the delay in the stored heat being released) in tiles results in advantageous insulation properties to help manage heat transmission, which will make a big difference to your heating and cooling bills.

  • Terracotta and concrete roof tiles are non-combustible materials and proven performers in the face of fire, providing superior protection from radiant heat from bushfires.

  • The density of tiles helps reduce external sound, such as aircraft and road noise and particularly rain and hail, a tiled roof has a sound reduction potential of 30 decibels.

If you need a new roof or restoration, then don't hesitate to give us a call today and see why 35 years experience has made us one of the best roof maintenance companies in the Sydney area. There are many roofing specialists and contractors in the Sydney area, some may even be cheaper but very few if none have the runs on the board, experience and customer satisfaction that we have.

We cover from Wollongong in the south to the Central Coast in the north, and from Bondi in the east out to Katoomba in the west, including Sutherland Shire, Campbelltown and Sydney West.

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AGC are a specialist heritage roofing Company, specializing in Natural Slate, Timber Shingles, Clay Shingles, Copper, Zinc and Lead roofing. For all of your heritage roofing repairs or replacement needs contact the team on 02 8332 2886 or [email protected]

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